As a landscape oil painter I have a great passion for the British countryside and coastline, especially that of my home region of East Anglia.


It's a great pleasure to have the opportunity to share my passion with others. It's a good chance to share knowledge and chat to a wide range of other artists. I am available to give demonstrations and take workshops in oil painting for groups and Art Societies. I also enjoy teaching one-to-one and offer a variety of options to suit different skill levels and individual requirements from plein air tuition to zoom lessons.

If you would like to make an enquiry or would like to know more about prices or booking please feel free to contact me using the button below.





My teaching philosophy is based on taking the pressure out of painting, to allow for greater freedom, self expression and of course to enjoy and get the most out of what painting can offer. Learning the essentials in a friendly and encouraging environment helps to provide a solid foundation to create loosely painted, consistent, confident and individual work. 

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Next Workshops:

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Interpreting photo reference to produce inspiring Oil paintings NOW FULLY BOOKED!

29th and 30th March 2022

Watershed Studios

St Osyth, Essex

If you have ever had a great photo that you wanted to paint but has ended in disappointment then this course will help you to be able to take better photos for painting and perhaps more importantly, how to use them as an aid, alongside other reference materials to achieve great oil paintings. You are invited to bring your own photographs or work from the tutors' references to use as inspiration for an oil painting. As well as learning the fundamentals of using oil paint you will also learn how to use a photograph to develop your work. Rather than copying a photo we will talk about analysing the image, how to decide what to leave out and what to include and crucially how to simplify what you see. Alongside this we will also discover what the camera is useful for and how it can fool us. By the end of the course you will gain an insight into how to use the camera to take better pictures for painting reference. 

Plein Air Oil Painting Techniques NOW FULLY BOOKED!

12th and 13th July 2022

Watershed Studios

St Osyth, Essex

Join Graham on this two day plein air painting course in oils. You will learn how to capture the essence of your subject with some helpful tips and techniques along the way enabling you to work quickly and effectively outside. Each day will start with a demonstration giving insights into subject selection, processes including colour mixing and application and advice on how to work with an ever changing subject. After this you will be free to select the view that inspires you from the grounds of the Watershed Studio and create your own set of plein air paintings under the guidance of Graham.